Friday, September 30, 2011

"F" is for Friday, and Failure - Day 16

which I have been a big one for skipping two days of posting. So sorry. I don't know what I got caught up doing to be honest!

BUT... let's just relish in the fact that today is the beginning of the weekend!! Time to get your party shoes on!

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So what's on the agenda for this weekend you ask?

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Well it starts off with an 8 mile run after work today! Can I tell you it has been over a week since my last run, and I could definitely tell when I buttoned my jeans this morning! If I am going to be in any condition to run a half marathon at the end of October, I need to quit procrastinating and get on the work-out ball, both figuratively and literally!

Next up, after about an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning I am off to the beach with my friend Tabs for our ceremonial the last beach trip of the year!

So sad that summer is really over, but I am so excited for this trip Saturday because the weather is supposed to be phenomenal! Upper 70's and I plan to spend every minute I can soaking up some sun, reading, relaxing, maybe sipping on a cocktail with my toes in the sand. Tabs and I are both beach bums to the core, so we mourn the loss of summer each year and make a point to spend one last day at the beach sometime in the fall before it gets too cold. Last year on our bye-bye-beach day we stayed until the sun set, and I literally had tears in my eyes on the way home! I swear I am such a water baby!

There are so many good football games on this Saturday, and I am hoping to get home in time to catch the evening games! Alabama and Florida are playing in the Swamp, my least two favorite teams ever. I can't say that I am pulling for one over the other, doesn't much matter to me, I am just glad one of them is guaranteed to loose!

You know exactly where I will be on Sunday morning... on my couch with a cup of coffee and watching the news! After which I will catch up on all my girly DVR shows while I have the house quiet to myself!

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 I hope you do something extra special this weekend!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Monday -Day 12

I couldn't sleep last night, the cat was climbing all over the place, knocking my glasses and a bud vase of flowers off my nightstand, pawing at the covers and trying to find herself a spot to curl up on the comforter. The alarm went off too soon and instead of my usual ritual of hitting snooze approximately eight times I hopped up and went about getting ready for work. I got to work at 7:45am instead of my usual 9:00am, and had a mild panic attack when no one else had shown up by 8:10, thinking that maybe there was a meeting I was supposed to be attending that I had somehow forgotten. My office mate came in shortly after my freak out and I was relieved. Folks were just running behind, much like I usually am. Here's a summary of my weekend:

1. Friday afternoon left work and had cocktail hour at my house with Tabs. She brought the cheese and I broke out the crown and ginger with lime. She was headed out on a date so I helped her pick out her outfit and finished my cocktail and hers since she didn't want to be tipsy before she even showed up for the date. I finished my evening catching up with my DVR.

2. Did anyone else watch Project Runway? This was one of my least favorite challenges ever in the history of the show. Both the challenge itself and the garments that were displayed on the runway I thought were blah. The designers had to create outfits for members of a band. There were eight designers and four members of the band, so they were split in two groups and each band member got two "looks." The poor drummer, both his outfits were pretty bad. I don't know how else to describe the episode, it was just borring to me and none of the outfits were particularly creative. I was not a fan of Oliver, the designer who was eliminated, so I am sort of glad he is gone. Hopefully this next week will be a better show!

3. My relaxing Saturday started out with a massage, I had been holding on to a gift card I was given for Christmas and finally used it. I was in heaven for about 60 minutes, then had to battle it out in the grocery store, then spend the rest of the afternoon running around town instead of on my couch with a glass of wine watching football like i had intended. Oh well! I did however make it to my parents house to visit with my Uncle and Aunt who were passing through town and spending the night.

4. Besides Fridays, Sunday is my second favorite day. Coach has film study at school so I get to spend my Sunday mornings watching the news and drinking coffee. It's my "me" time for the week!

That's really it for today! Hope your week is off to a great start! If not go home today and have a cocktail, you deserve it!


Friday, September 23, 2011

"F" is for Friday, and Fighting over Finances- Day 9

Maybe I shouldn't say fighting, but the Coach and I had a heated discussion last night about finances.

Any of you read or listen to Dave Ramsey? Coach had me read Dave's book, A Total Money Makeover before we got married. I thought it was a great book, and I agreed with most everything in it. The keyword being "most."

Coach and I have a very realistic budget that we adhere to each month, and we are well on our way to being debt free. That being said, we also don't own a home, we currently rent. We are both ready to be out of our current rental situation and into a home that is ours. That has storage space, a garage, plenty of kitchen cabinets, a walk in closet and a laundry room. However, we differ in opinion on when in our journey to becoming debt free we should look to purchase a home. I won't go into what each of us thinks, because my point  is not to argue sides. I have a few points-

A.) I can completely see why money is the leading cause for divorce
B.) Money is a topic that two people considering getting married should discuss at length. Including how much you feel is an appropriate amount of savings to maintain, and how to determine who is the one who gets the new car when both of yours are on the fritz.
C.) Even if you talked about these things, you will still have discussions (maybe even fights) over finances.

The bottom line is we both want the same things, it's just coming to common ground on when we can/should have those things. We made a few compromises last night and that is one of the reasons I love him so much. We listen to each other, respect each other's ideas and opinions, are not afraid to hold each other's feet to the fire when needed, and are willing to compromise to reach a common goal.

Do you and the person with whom you share your bank account ever disagree on finances? (I know you do!) How to you reach common ground?

I can tell you one thing, I am ready for a cocktail! Lucky for me I am having one of my bff's over for happy hour at my house after work today! Can't wait to get home and hear the clink of ice in my glass!



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy with a Dash of Random- Day 8

I've been buried deep under a pile of notes taken while conducting interviews for my current project, so I don't have much to say today. Other than my fingers are cramping from so much re-typing my notes and my keyboard is not ergonomically friendly. Is that the right term? My point is, my hands hurt and my keyboard isn't in the right position for massive amounts of typing.

Any way, it's a rainy Thursday here. I normally run twice a week but yesterday I copped out of what would have been the second run this week. It was just too humid and was threatening rain. Didn't end up raining until early this morning though. Oh well. Except for the fact that I have a half marathon coming up in EXACTLY one month and need to get cracking on my training plan! Eek!

I need more motivation.

That's all for now!



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Commandments of Dressing for Work- Day 7

Article Credit
 I read this article last week and it intrigued me because as I am climbing the corporate ladder, as well as the age ladder, I have found that in my late 20's I often feel conflicted when dressing for work.  I may be 28 on paper, but I don't feel 28. I want to dress youthfully and fashionable, but also come across as professional and confident. I want to wear clothes that I think are fun and current, but I don't want to create an image to my boss and others that I am inexperienced and don't know what I am doing at work. I work in an office environment where the majority of my co-workers are 40+ and sometimes I feel as though my attire makes me stand out even more than I already do.

These 10 Commandments from Career Builder found via I felt were very spot on. So I thought I would share them with you, as well as provide my own commentary for each.

If you are conflicted over what to wear to the office, read these ten tips and re-think your work wear!

1. Modesty is a virtue.
There is always "that girl" (or woman in my office building) who wears the shirt cut too low or the pencil skirt too tight, you know who I'm talking about, every office has one. Don't be her. You can be stylish without compromising your modesty. For shirts that are super low, throw on a camisole underneath, or even a tank top in a neutral or contrasting color. It can add interest to your outfit and keep you from being the topic of conversation in the break room. For pants or skirts that are super tight around the rear-end but may be loose throughout the legs, wear a flowy or longer shirt that hits right about wrist height or slightly higher if your arms were at your sides to cover the top of the pants.

2. Keep holy the casual Friday.
This is a tricky one, because so often Friday feels like it's practically already part of the weekend. But don't show up to work like you are already on vacation. Different offices have different standards for Friday. Mine is casual, and some folks in my building take that too literally. Pair dark jeans with a blazer and some fun heals for a casual appropriate look. Think about what you would wear to a nice dinner out with your significant other and then layer with a cardigan or blazer to make it slightly more business, thus appropriate for the office.

3. Thou shalt wear the right shoes.
I am guilty of breaking this one. It is a hike from the parking lot to the building and then another three flights of stairs before I'm finally behind my desk, and often I can be seen taking that hike in my trusty rainbow flip flops with heals hanging out of my purse. And on days where I am chained to the computer, I will stick with the rainbows instead of changing into heals. I think shoes can be counted as accessories when completing an outfit. You wouldn't wear a redic amount of necklaces or bracelets, so keep your shoes classy and not so high that you can't walk in them for the office.

4. Honor thy leaders.
Don't know what to wear to a client meeting? Look at those around you in executive positions and take clues from their wardrobe. To they wear jackets to meetings? Maybe you should do.

5. Thou shalt not steal thy boss's tie.
While taking tips from executives can be helpful, don't recreate their entire wardrobe as your own.

6. Control thy festiveness.
I love this one because nothing annoys me more than when folks show up to the office dressed to the nines like Cleopatra or Fred Flinstone during Halloween week. People please, I know you're excited about taking your kid trick-or-treating, but let's save the dress-up for after 5:00pm. It is fun to wear a red sweater before Christmas or maybe a pretty pink blouse on Valentine's day, but let's leave it at that. We don't need reindeer antlers and Cupid's arrows as accessories during business hours.

7. Remember the good book.
Remember that book/binder/folder you received on your first day? That you probably haven't picked up since? It's probably got a dress code in it! Most every office has a dress code policy that they want their employees to adhere to. Read and refresh yourself on what your office requires in the attire department.

8. Thou shalt notice what year it is.
Congratulations on taking such good care of your clothing that items from 1983 are still "fine" today. Now put these relics in the Goodwill box where they should have landed years ago. While one need not be a fashionista, looking outdated can give the impression that you lack fresh ideas.

9. Err on the side of caution.
Not sure if you should wear that black tank that has almost too thin straps? Then don't. Better safe than sorry. Another good rule of thumb, if your bra straps are not covered by the straps of your top, then you should probably not wear it, or add a cardigan or blazer to make it more professional.

10. Dress for the job thou want.
Best piece of advice in my opinion. Dressing like an executive can not only help you present yourself like one, but make you feel like one. I think clothes are such an outward expression of how we feel and how we feel about ourselves. Do your body a favor and clothe it in excellence!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salt Air- Day 6

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This gorgeous poster is inspiring me today. This pretty much sums up my life. I am hoping to squeeze in one more trip to the beach somewhere between football Saturdays before it gets too chilly. Wouldn't this be lovley framed in a large spa bathroom decorated with crisp white towels? Yeah, my teeny bathroom is a far cry from a spa... but a girl can dream!

Find more from thewheatfield on etsy. This shop is fantastic.



Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Monday...- Day 5

It felt like moving a mountain this morning when I finally un-tucked myself from the covers after the fifth or sixth time hitting snooze on my alarm clock. I was silently cursing to myself while getting ready because I had to come into work today. However difficult that may have been, I am here now and am ready to fill you in on seven highlights from my weekend. So here you go-

1. This weekend was fantastic and terrible at the same time. It literally felt like a roller coaster. It started Friday with a marathon errand run in record time. Just over an hour and three stops to make, one being the grocery store. I seriously spend too much time in the grocery store, so this was a challenge for me. But I did it and managed to stay within my budgeted time. However when I got home with just enough time to drop off the groceries, feed the cat and scoot out of the house to head to the high school football game, wouldn't you know it was torrential down pouring. I sat in my driveway for a minute trying to figure out how to get two sacks of to go BBQ for the next day's tailgate, two large bags of ice and a few other small grocery bags into the house without getting myself absolutely soaked.

2. The BBQ we ordered for the tailgate was fantastic. I had never been to Piggy's before but my personal review was that it was very good, which agrees with most everything i had previously heard. We got the pulled pork, mac and cheese and baked beans. If you haven't ever been, you should try it out.

3. We also got a whole chicken that no one ended up touching because the BBQ was so fantastic. I can't ever  throw away uneaten food, so I thought we could just keep it in the cooler till we got home. Well, needless to say when i went to clean out the cooler yesterday evening, there floating around in the melted ice with the last few bottles of beer and water were pieces of that chicken. The Styrofoam box which held the chicken had come undone in all the moving around, and pieces of it had been soaking in that water and floating around for almost 24hours. Gross is an understatement. I bleached the cooler three times and my front stoop still smells like chicken water.

4. Both my primary and secondary college football teams lost this weekend. For my primary team, it was just a matter of time before someone was going to get the better of them. For the secondary team, it was a tough break, but the boys played hard and we had a blast in the packed stadium watching the game.

5. I caught up on my DVR yesterday morning while the coach had film study at school. I record a Sunday morning news show, and one of the segments was on penmanship and cursive vs. typing, and how schools are not teaching cursive anymore. I have some pretty strong opinions about this subject that i plan to share later this week.

6. I also caught up on Project Runway. I love this show. I thought the challenge this past week was particularly interesting as well. Designers picked male clients thinking they would be challenged with making menswear. However the real challenge was to make something for their wives/girlfriends. It was funny to hear the men describe to the designers what their wives or girlfriends typically wear, where they shop, what colors they liked. It made me wonder what my own husband would say had we been a part of this challenge. In the end, I thought the best dress won. I would wear Joshua McKinley's black cocktail dress with the phenomenal back in a heartbeat.

7. Tonight I am cooking chicken with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic, topped with melted provolone cheese and I *might* be adding some bacon in there some where. It is one of my husband's favorite dishes so I am happy to surprise him with it every so often. Not sure what I will serve on the side though, maybe cut up a fresh tomato and sprinkle with some black pepper. I might have a lone package of instant potatoes in the pantry that I can whip up. I know, instant, blah, but we don't eat enough potatoes to justify buying a bag so I just purchase fresh ones when I plan to cook them that day, and keep a box or two of the instant stuff for emergencies.

That's all for this girl today! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?



Friday, September 16, 2011

"F" is for Friday. And Football- Day 2

Today is Friday. It is my favorite day of the week. There is just something about Friday that whispers freedom. Going into work in the morning isn’t as hard knowing that I don’t have to come back the next two days. And the excitement of what the weekend holds, wither planned full of activities or not, is like letting fresh air into a stale room.
Fridays are days to roll the windows down, turn up the radio and be glad for life.
This Friday is a particularly exciting one in my sleepy little college town. The home team has a big football game tomorrow, and there are lots of pre-celebrations starting this afternoon and going all the way up until game time Saturday evening. Adding to the football frenzy, the high school team plays at home tonight and I will be in the stands cheering for the coach (my husband) and his players. There will be lots of BBQ, beer, and left over birthday cake for me this weekend.  
I hope you have something fantastic planned today, and for the weekend.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday- Day 1


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.
I was expecting it to be a painful reminder that only two years are left in my glorious twenties.
Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm, I celebrated with family, friends, and co-workers by eating my way through the day. Eggs, bacon and doughnuts made by my husband at home for breakfast; my favorite Mexican restaurant for a lunch of quesadillas, chips and salsa with my local girlfriends; strawberry birthday cake with fluffy vanilla icing at work with my office; a second piece of cake and a glass of wine during a private and quiet happy hour at home after work; cedar planked salmon with fresh vegetables for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill with my parents, husband, brother and his girlfriend; and rounding out with a snickerdoodle cookie and two scoops of ice cream for a complimentary birthday treat.  

Leftovers for lunch

And late yesterday evening when my stomach felt like it would absolutely burst if I so much as moved to switch off the bedside lamp, I realized I had a pretty fantastic day after all. I also thought about how fantastic my entire year of being 27 was, and how I wish I had documented more of it.
So, while I start year 28 approximately 5ish pounds heavier than I was at the end of year 27, I am also starting a blog.
I will post whatever makes me laugh, smile, hurt, cry, or leaves me inspired during this year of my life. These precious breaths that are a gift to me from my Heavenly Father should be celebrated, and this is where I intend to document this year of celebration.