Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Monday...- Day 5

It felt like moving a mountain this morning when I finally un-tucked myself from the covers after the fifth or sixth time hitting snooze on my alarm clock. I was silently cursing to myself while getting ready because I had to come into work today. However difficult that may have been, I am here now and am ready to fill you in on seven highlights from my weekend. So here you go-

1. This weekend was fantastic and terrible at the same time. It literally felt like a roller coaster. It started Friday with a marathon errand run in record time. Just over an hour and three stops to make, one being the grocery store. I seriously spend too much time in the grocery store, so this was a challenge for me. But I did it and managed to stay within my budgeted time. However when I got home with just enough time to drop off the groceries, feed the cat and scoot out of the house to head to the high school football game, wouldn't you know it was torrential down pouring. I sat in my driveway for a minute trying to figure out how to get two sacks of to go BBQ for the next day's tailgate, two large bags of ice and a few other small grocery bags into the house without getting myself absolutely soaked.

2. The BBQ we ordered for the tailgate was fantastic. I had never been to Piggy's before but my personal review was that it was very good, which agrees with most everything i had previously heard. We got the pulled pork, mac and cheese and baked beans. If you haven't ever been, you should try it out.

3. We also got a whole chicken that no one ended up touching because the BBQ was so fantastic. I can't ever  throw away uneaten food, so I thought we could just keep it in the cooler till we got home. Well, needless to say when i went to clean out the cooler yesterday evening, there floating around in the melted ice with the last few bottles of beer and water were pieces of that chicken. The Styrofoam box which held the chicken had come undone in all the moving around, and pieces of it had been soaking in that water and floating around for almost 24hours. Gross is an understatement. I bleached the cooler three times and my front stoop still smells like chicken water.

4. Both my primary and secondary college football teams lost this weekend. For my primary team, it was just a matter of time before someone was going to get the better of them. For the secondary team, it was a tough break, but the boys played hard and we had a blast in the packed stadium watching the game.

5. I caught up on my DVR yesterday morning while the coach had film study at school. I record a Sunday morning news show, and one of the segments was on penmanship and cursive vs. typing, and how schools are not teaching cursive anymore. I have some pretty strong opinions about this subject that i plan to share later this week.

6. I also caught up on Project Runway. I love this show. I thought the challenge this past week was particularly interesting as well. Designers picked male clients thinking they would be challenged with making menswear. However the real challenge was to make something for their wives/girlfriends. It was funny to hear the men describe to the designers what their wives or girlfriends typically wear, where they shop, what colors they liked. It made me wonder what my own husband would say had we been a part of this challenge. In the end, I thought the best dress won. I would wear Joshua McKinley's black cocktail dress with the phenomenal back in a heartbeat.

7. Tonight I am cooking chicken with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic, topped with melted provolone cheese and I *might* be adding some bacon in there some where. It is one of my husband's favorite dishes so I am happy to surprise him with it every so often. Not sure what I will serve on the side though, maybe cut up a fresh tomato and sprinkle with some black pepper. I might have a lone package of instant potatoes in the pantry that I can whip up. I know, instant, blah, but we don't eat enough potatoes to justify buying a bag so I just purchase fresh ones when I plan to cook them that day, and keep a box or two of the instant stuff for emergencies.

That's all for this girl today! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?



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