Friday, September 30, 2011

"F" is for Friday, and Failure - Day 16

which I have been a big one for skipping two days of posting. So sorry. I don't know what I got caught up doing to be honest!

BUT... let's just relish in the fact that today is the beginning of the weekend!! Time to get your party shoes on!

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So what's on the agenda for this weekend you ask?

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Well it starts off with an 8 mile run after work today! Can I tell you it has been over a week since my last run, and I could definitely tell when I buttoned my jeans this morning! If I am going to be in any condition to run a half marathon at the end of October, I need to quit procrastinating and get on the work-out ball, both figuratively and literally!

Next up, after about an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning I am off to the beach with my friend Tabs for our ceremonial the last beach trip of the year!

So sad that summer is really over, but I am so excited for this trip Saturday because the weather is supposed to be phenomenal! Upper 70's and I plan to spend every minute I can soaking up some sun, reading, relaxing, maybe sipping on a cocktail with my toes in the sand. Tabs and I are both beach bums to the core, so we mourn the loss of summer each year and make a point to spend one last day at the beach sometime in the fall before it gets too cold. Last year on our bye-bye-beach day we stayed until the sun set, and I literally had tears in my eyes on the way home! I swear I am such a water baby!

There are so many good football games on this Saturday, and I am hoping to get home in time to catch the evening games! Alabama and Florida are playing in the Swamp, my least two favorite teams ever. I can't say that I am pulling for one over the other, doesn't much matter to me, I am just glad one of them is guaranteed to loose!

You know exactly where I will be on Sunday morning... on my couch with a cup of coffee and watching the news! After which I will catch up on all my girly DVR shows while I have the house quiet to myself!

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 I hope you do something extra special this weekend!


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