Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Monday -Day 12

I couldn't sleep last night, the cat was climbing all over the place, knocking my glasses and a bud vase of flowers off my nightstand, pawing at the covers and trying to find herself a spot to curl up on the comforter. The alarm went off too soon and instead of my usual ritual of hitting snooze approximately eight times I hopped up and went about getting ready for work. I got to work at 7:45am instead of my usual 9:00am, and had a mild panic attack when no one else had shown up by 8:10, thinking that maybe there was a meeting I was supposed to be attending that I had somehow forgotten. My office mate came in shortly after my freak out and I was relieved. Folks were just running behind, much like I usually am. Here's a summary of my weekend:

1. Friday afternoon left work and had cocktail hour at my house with Tabs. She brought the cheese and I broke out the crown and ginger with lime. She was headed out on a date so I helped her pick out her outfit and finished my cocktail and hers since she didn't want to be tipsy before she even showed up for the date. I finished my evening catching up with my DVR.

2. Did anyone else watch Project Runway? This was one of my least favorite challenges ever in the history of the show. Both the challenge itself and the garments that were displayed on the runway I thought were blah. The designers had to create outfits for members of a band. There were eight designers and four members of the band, so they were split in two groups and each band member got two "looks." The poor drummer, both his outfits were pretty bad. I don't know how else to describe the episode, it was just borring to me and none of the outfits were particularly creative. I was not a fan of Oliver, the designer who was eliminated, so I am sort of glad he is gone. Hopefully this next week will be a better show!

3. My relaxing Saturday started out with a massage, I had been holding on to a gift card I was given for Christmas and finally used it. I was in heaven for about 60 minutes, then had to battle it out in the grocery store, then spend the rest of the afternoon running around town instead of on my couch with a glass of wine watching football like i had intended. Oh well! I did however make it to my parents house to visit with my Uncle and Aunt who were passing through town and spending the night.

4. Besides Fridays, Sunday is my second favorite day. Coach has film study at school so I get to spend my Sunday mornings watching the news and drinking coffee. It's my "me" time for the week!

That's really it for today! Hope your week is off to a great start! If not go home today and have a cocktail, you deserve it!


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