Friday, September 16, 2011

"F" is for Friday. And Football- Day 2

Today is Friday. It is my favorite day of the week. There is just something about Friday that whispers freedom. Going into work in the morning isn’t as hard knowing that I don’t have to come back the next two days. And the excitement of what the weekend holds, wither planned full of activities or not, is like letting fresh air into a stale room.
Fridays are days to roll the windows down, turn up the radio and be glad for life.
This Friday is a particularly exciting one in my sleepy little college town. The home team has a big football game tomorrow, and there are lots of pre-celebrations starting this afternoon and going all the way up until game time Saturday evening. Adding to the football frenzy, the high school team plays at home tonight and I will be in the stands cheering for the coach (my husband) and his players. There will be lots of BBQ, beer, and left over birthday cake for me this weekend.  
I hope you have something fantastic planned today, and for the weekend.


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