Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday- Day 1


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.
I was expecting it to be a painful reminder that only two years are left in my glorious twenties.
Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm, I celebrated with family, friends, and co-workers by eating my way through the day. Eggs, bacon and doughnuts made by my husband at home for breakfast; my favorite Mexican restaurant for a lunch of quesadillas, chips and salsa with my local girlfriends; strawberry birthday cake with fluffy vanilla icing at work with my office; a second piece of cake and a glass of wine during a private and quiet happy hour at home after work; cedar planked salmon with fresh vegetables for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill with my parents, husband, brother and his girlfriend; and rounding out with a snickerdoodle cookie and two scoops of ice cream for a complimentary birthday treat.  

Leftovers for lunch

And late yesterday evening when my stomach felt like it would absolutely burst if I so much as moved to switch off the bedside lamp, I realized I had a pretty fantastic day after all. I also thought about how fantastic my entire year of being 27 was, and how I wish I had documented more of it.
So, while I start year 28 approximately 5ish pounds heavier than I was at the end of year 27, I am also starting a blog.
I will post whatever makes me laugh, smile, hurt, cry, or leaves me inspired during this year of my life. These precious breaths that are a gift to me from my Heavenly Father should be celebrated, and this is where I intend to document this year of celebration.


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