Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Rewind- Figuring out the Basics

After we were engaged and had spread the news to our family and friends, we really didn't do much for almost two months. We enjoyed being engaged and thinking about the future without any immediate deadlines. It was nice to have this time to just relax and enjoy the moment. I have talked to many friends who feel their engagement was rushed, and the day after they were engaged they started planning a wedding. We didn't even know what kind of wedding we wanted, so it was to our advantage to take our time. And if you know me, you know I am a bit slow when it comes to making crucial decisions.

Coach and I had a series of casual conversations about what kind of wedding we wanted. His first suggestion was to just go to the courthouse. Ha! Although I think that is a romantic and simple idea, there was no way I could really have a courthouse wedding. I am too much of an event person to go that route. Even though my dad tempted me with, "I'll pay you to just go to the courthouse, you can take the money and (get a new car, put a down payment on the house, take a fantastic vacation)." But, as tempting as that was, I had always wanted a wedding. After talking it over, the Coach admitted he thought it would be nice to have a wedding too, that way our families could be there. So the first decision was made.

It was fairly simple for us after that to decide what kind of wedding we wanted. We are both family people, so it was important for us to have our family present to witness us tying the knot. Therefore, since we are both from the same hometown, a destination wedding was out of the picture. We would have a hometown wedding with our family as the priority of our guest list. That being said, we both have big families, so we knew making this decision meant we were looking at a 100-200 guest wedding.

Our very first inspiration board

We took a suggestion from my friend who is an interior designer, who told me that in school when she was doing projects, the professors had them chose three words to define their space. These three words would set the tone for their design, and would help them narrow their focus and encourage consistency in the space they were desiging. We thought this was a great idea, and decided to use that concept and chose three words for our wedding.

Coming up with the three words was easier than I thought. We didn't plan to do it this way, but Coach ended up choosing one word, I chose another, and we both decided on the third.

My word was Romantic. I wanted a rich feeling of love and romance and hoped to portray this through our color scheme and flowers.

Coach picked the word Comfortable. He is a pretty laid back guy, and likes to kick back and have a good time, so it was no surprise to me that he chose this word. He said he wanted our guests to feel comfortable at our wedding, not stuffy or awkward. He didn't want anything too fancy, and he wanted a location where people could move around and visit and talk to each other.

Our last word we chose together was Southern. I think this pretty much speaks for itself. We are both born and raised southern. Southern for us is a way of life, it means tradition and family, good food and great music. It was only natural that we include southern traditions in our wedding, specifically through our decorations, food, and music

So that's really how we decided on the basics. We decided to have a wedding, made it a priority to invite family first, and decided we wanted our day to be summed up in three words: Southern, Comfortable, Romantic.

We didn't sit down and just hammer out everything in one night, I (more so than he) am the type of person that needs to have time to digest and think about things before making decisions, so this method of casually throwing out ideas and taking about two months to think about what our options were allowed us to really stew over things before we made any commitments or signed any contracts.

Did you jump right in with planning, or take some time to think about what you wanted your wedding to be like? Did you already have your wedding planned in your head, or did you need to brainstorm with your fiance like I did?

Next post, budget!


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